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Investment Training Options

Regardless of how we deliver them, our education and training offerings focus on communicating the core principles of sound investing:

Learn the 3 Steps to Investment Success

Understanding and adopting a sensible investment strategy that works for you
Learning why volatility in markets is not risk and how to control volatility and even to use it to your advantage
Having the patience to let the phenomenal power of compounding works its magic over time.

Understand the Asset Classes

There are only five asset classes: equities, fixed income government bonds, inflation-linked government bonds, bank deposits and gold.

Build a Plan and Execute

Find out whether you are a regular investor or a lump-sum investor, whether you are comfortable investing directly in individual companies or more comfortable using lower risk, diversified funds.

Our training seminars and courses can assist you to:

Manage a lump-sum investment

Manage your own pension

Start a saving programme

Develop a focused investment plan

Use our website and newsletter offering to implement your plan.

How This Course Will Help You

The Gillen Academy offering is aimed at improving your understanding of the principles of sound investing and building your confidence. Our courses and seminars also build trust in us as advisors.

Some people do our training courses and go on to be proficient do-it-yourself investors. Others don’t take it any further either because they lack the interest or confidence or perhaps because they are time poor, and prefer to then talk to one of our investment advisors.

We are here to assist you to find the path that suits you.

Investment Books

Our investment books include the more comprehensive 3 Steps to Investment Success published in 2012 along with the smaller booklets – A Guide to Sound Investing (2016), Intelligent Gold Investing (2017) and Understanding Alternative Assets (2018). They are free to our investment clients and newsletter/website subscribers.

  • 19.95

    3 Steps to Investment Success

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  • 9.99

    Understanding Alternative Assets

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  • 9.99

    Intelligent Gold Investing – Including a Section on Bitcoin

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  • 9.99

    Timing the Markets

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About Us

We are an established professional investment advisory firm with ancillary training services and a subscription-based newsletter and website offering for the do-it-yourself investor.

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Research & Insights

We undertake our own in-house research to determine where value lies in markets, to provide specific stock and fund recommendations and guidance on building suitable portfolios taking account of risk tolerances.

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