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Book Your Place at Our Free 1-Hour Talk on “Bricks & Mortar”

Venue: The Alex Hotel, 41-47 Fenian St, Dublin 2, D02 H678
Date: Tuesday, 25th June 2024
Time: 6pm – 7pm (Registration 5.30pm)

(Enter via main hotel entrance and follow signage to meeting room)

“Bricks & Mortar”:

GillenMarkets is hosting a free evening seminar comparing the pros and cons of investing directly in physical property compared to investing in property through the stock markets.

Physical property is often the favoured asset class for investors – particularly in Ireland, despite our disastrous love affair with property ending in calamity during the global financial crisis.

The reason for this, we suspect, is because direct property investing is perceived as less risky than other types of investing.

This perception is, quite simply, incorrect. During this evening seminar, we will outline how investing in property through stocks and shares is no more risky than direct property investing. In fact, investing in property through the stock market provides much better diversification and can better control the three key risks to which an investor’s returns are exposed: location risk, financial risk, and valuation risk.

Do come and join us for this informative evening on investing in bricks & mortar through stocks & shares. Whether you’re a stock market convert already, or will always prefer direct property, we are sure there will be something new and entertaining in it for everyone.

To sign up for this free event, register here: