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Thank you all for an extremely enjoyable seminar. It provided me with a bank of new-found information and more importantly a path to further information and knowledge. I’m looking forward to exploring the website as my next step

Eamonn Flynn

Waterford, March 2019

I am very much enjoying applying your techniques. More than anything they have caused me to think differently, ask more questions and be more patient. I also feel in control of my destiny for the first time as an investor. I continue to recommend your company and I find more and more people are aware of it. Well done and thanks.

Graham O’Donnell

I saw the seminar as an introduction to the stock market and how to determine the investment choices that are most likely to suit one’s stage in life. I certainly left the day feeling that it was money well spent and that I had learned something of value.

Kelly Clear


It is 15 months since I attended the Gillen 1-day investment training course and I can now say that they have outperformed what I felt at the time were unattainable goals. They have been helpful and informative and put some order and discipline back into my involvement as a small investor while adding to the enjoyment of investing.

Burke Corbett


I had read “Asset Allocation” by Roger C. Gibson some years ago and liked his investment portfolio design format. Your “Investment Solutions” dovetails very well with this from an Irish perspective.

Donal O’Rourke

A really super day and I wish I’d done it years ago. I’m sure I’m not the first, and won’t be the last, to say so. The day was very well structured and paced. The content was fascinating (I can’t believe I’m hearing myself say this about numbers) and it was surprisingly digestible given the amount and range covered. There was a real clarity and elegance to the whole experience, as though it’s been honed and refined over the years.

Fiona D.

London, December 2018

I have known Rory Gillen for about 10 years. I have read his report on the UK FTSE 100 Value Approach and it is excellent.

Jim Slater

Author of ‘The Zulu Principle’

Gillen’s 1-day investment seminar is the most intelligent and informative investment vehicle I have come across. It minimises risk and maximises returns. A must in the current climate of information overload

John Kavanagh

Insurance Broker, McMahon Insurances, Dublin

Better results will be achieved with training. Chartered Accountant, Rory Gillen, runs an excellent training facility through Gillen, which equips investors with the practical tools for investing and keeps them updated on market data.

Eddie Hobbs

Investment Advisor

I took the Gillen 1-day investment training course in Galway at the end of 2007. But I knew very little about picking stocks, what to look for, how to invest without paying large fees to brokers or how to set up an online stock broking account. This course was recommended by Jill Kerby (Sunday Times, Editor Personl Finance) and so I looked it up, liked what I saw, went to their Free Workshop and signed up for the full-day course. I learned a huge amount on the day and availed of the mentoring service afterwards, which dealt with some lingering questions I had. I highly recommend it.

Denise Lewis

Mature Student

I’ve been using the Gillen service for several years now and it provides an excellent service. Rory encourages readers and listeners to develop and formulate a rational investment strategy that will serve them well in the long term. His risk-management approach is practical and makes commercial sense. In an age of information overload, Rory simplifies his investment strategies and eliminates so much of the white noise that one often gets from other services. We spend so many hours in our careers accumulating wealth yet so many of us pay insufficient attention to investing it properly. Gillen’s weekly bulletin is easy to read and the audio is very informative. I unreservedly recommend the Gillen Newsletter/Website service for do-it-yourself.

David Madden


If you do one thing as an investor this year – and that even includes anyone contributing to a company pension scheme – you should learn more by taking Gillen’s 1-day, intensive investment training seminar. Not only will you finally learn how to properly value every share or asset before you buy it, and discover different, risk averse strategies, but you should also come away with a better understanding of the buy, sell and hold signals that the markets produce. This is a serious day’s work for anyone fed up with roller-coaster investing.

Jill Kerby

The Sunday Times

I completed Gillen’s 1-day investment training seminar about a year and a half ago. I consider it to be one of the best investments I have made for myself. I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market and thought I needed a Masters in Economics to understand all the financial terms and before even buying my first share. How wrong I was. The course was enjoyable, straightforward and informative. For me, it banished a lot of the mystery of buying shares. I also availed of the mentoring service (for a small fee) because of particular questions I wanted answered and the website and newsletters have further expanded my knowledge since then.

Moira Philbin

Civil Servant