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Why Gillen for Investment Advice?

Personalised Planning

The first step involves us meeting and listening to you and working hard to really understand your specific circumstances, your concerns and your goals.

One of our advisors then undertakes a detailed financial and investment review to clarify your current financial position and offer you advice on a way forward.

Our investment solutions include a full array of investments available in the marketplace (and includes both stocks and funds). We advise on personal, pension and corporate monies.

Deep Expertise

Our team has significant professional experience in the investment advisory market and is united in a commitment to a client-first offering.

Depth of Research, Insights & Unique Perspectives

We have a deep understanding of the various asset classes and how to assess the value on offer in them. We carry out and publish our own research on any stock or fund we recommend and we meet the managers of any fund we recommend.


We are professional investment advisors and not product sellers. We do not benefit from any stock or fund we recommend to a client.

Our Process

Initial Conversation

The first thing we do is to listen to your needs and your concerns and work to get a clear understanding of your objectives. Then we collate details on your current financial position: your income, your pension arrangements, existing investments and debts. We ask you to complete an application form, so that we can identify your personal tolerance for risk.

step one

step two

Face to Face Meeting

We sit down with you in person or online, so we can review the relevant facts and assess your financial needs, expectations and goals.

Detailed Financial Review

We then complete a detailed investment review which offers advice and potential investment solutions that should suit your goals, needs and tolerance for risk.

step three

step four

Agree & Implement the Financial Plan

We then work to execute the agreed plan and we subsequently review your plan at appropriate intervals to ensure that it remains fit for purpose in terms of meeting your goals and expectations.

Would you like to speak to a member of our advisory team?

Investment Training Courses

The aim of our online and in person investment training courses is to improve your understanding of the principles of sounds investing.

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Subscription-Based Newsletter

The Gillen subscription-based newsletter/website offering is an online weekly newsletter providing impartial stock and fund analysis and recommendations, views on where we see value in markets and analysis of events in markets.

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About Us

Gillen is an established investment advisory firm providing advice for personal, pension and corporate clients with a strong emphasis on impartiality and transparency. The company’s offering also includes investment training services and a subscription-based newsletter for do-it-yourself investors.

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Research & Insights

Our in-house research and insights are made available to our investment clients to give them confidence and clarity about the value on offer in the markets (or otherwise), what stocks and funds we favour and why, and an understanding of how we construct investment portfolios to take account of an individual’s ability to take on risk and their tolerance for risk.

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