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We are working on a schedule of events for Autumn / Winter 2023. Details to follow

About the 1-Day Seminar

Saving and investing is not a luxury, it is a crucial part of your life, and if you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to be more informed.

GillenMarkets has been offering 1-day investment training courses since 2005 and they are delivered by the company’s founder, Rory Gillen.

The stock markets offer you the most flexible route to saving and investing, and the advantages are numerous:

  • You can start small, with as little as a couple of hundred euros a month.
  • You can diversify easily and at minimal cost.
  • You have instant access to your capital, at all times.
  • And you don’t need to borrow, which reduces the risks considerably compared to traditional property investing.

Forget about the chaotic scenes of stock market volatility that you see on traditional and social media. There are only three steps required for you to make a success out of saving and investing and to achieve financial freedom over your lifetime:

  • Harnessing the phenomenal power of compounding.
  • Adopting an easy-to-follow approach that takes the minimum of time annually.
  • Learning how to deal with the volatility that is part and parcel of stock market investing

You may have just started work and set up a pension, you may have sold a business or inherited some monies. Why not take the time to learn the basics of sound investing?

GillenMarkets 1-day seminar costs €300.


“If you do one thing as an investor this year – and that even includes anyone contributing to a company pension scheme – you should learn more by taking GillenMarkets’ one-day, intensive seminar. Not only will you finally learn how to properly value every share or asset before you buy it, and discover different, risk averse strategies, but you should also come away with a better understanding of the buy, sell and hold signals that the markets produce. This is a serious day’s work for anyone fed up with roller-coaster investing.”
Jill KerbyFinancial Columnist, Sunday Times (Oct, 2011)

“GillenMarkets’s 1-day investment seminar is the most intelligent and informative investment vehicle I have come across. It minimises risk and maximises returns. A must in the current climate of information overload”
John Kavanagh, Insurance Broker, McMahon Insurances, Dublin (Sept, 2005)

Past Events

Here is a list of the workshops we have conducted in the past.