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The Panel of Equity Funds

What is the Panel of Key Equity Funds ?

The Panel of Key Equity Funds is comprised of a list of 12 funds drawn from the extensive list of investment funds that we research and recommend on our website.  The funds are a mixture of funds listed and traded on stock exchanges (exchange-traded funds and investment trusts) and investment funds available from European fund managers and available through investment platform (like Davy Select in Dublin).

We undertake detailed research on each fund in ’The Panel,’ the process of which results in a detailed and lengthy research note. Our research notes, along with updates and comments on newsworthy developments in each particular fund are available to members of the Gillen website.

The aim of the panel is two-fold. Firstly, we aim to give do-it-yourself investors a condensed list of funds to select from when managing their personal or pension savings.

An investor can simply buy all of the funds in ‘The Panel’ or a representative selection thereof, if they wish.

Secondly, the process of selecting and reviewing funds for ‘The Panel’ brings greater discipline, accountability and focus to the management of our client assets (personal, pension and corporate).

Who is it for?

The Panel is suitable for any investor who wants to manage their own monies and is looking for a list of funds to select from in order to gain exposure to equities. All of the funds are high quality and run by managers with solid track records (in the case of actively managed funds) and provide exposure to mostly global equities in a risk controlled manner.

The current list of funds in ‘The Panel’ includes the well-regarded Fundsmith Equity Fund, the Swiss managed 2Xideas Global Mid-cap Equity Fund, Bankers Trust, Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund, the Schroders Global Energy Transition Fund, the Schroders Global Recovery Fund, the iShares World Value ETF, AVI Global Trust and more.

You can track the performance of The Panel of Key Equity Funds through the Regular Investor’s Funds Portfolio, a unique feature of the GillenMarkets newsletter/website offering. We invest €1,000 in real money each month into the Regular Investor’s Fund Portfolio, which itself mirrors the funds in The Panel. As a subscriber to our newsletter/website, you can see which fund we are committing monies to in any particular month and track the performance through time.

The table highlights the annual performance of The Panel and compares these returns to both the FTSE World Index (€) and the progress of the live portfolio as represented by the Regular Investor’s Funds Portfolio.

Annual Performance of The Panel

Review PeriodThe Panel of Equity FundsPassively Managed AlternativeOut/Under PerformanceRegular Investor’s Funds Portfolio
Sep 2019 – Oct 20204.6%0.8%3.8%9.8%
Nov 2020 – Oct 202136.0%37.9%-1.9%37.2%
Nov 2021 – Oct 2022-8.8%-6.2%-2.6%-8.4%
Cumulative Returns29.7%30.4%-0.7%37.9%

To follow The Panel of Key Equity Funds as a do-it-yourself investor, you will need to subscribe to our newsletter/website offering. The annual subscription price is €299. You can subscribe online at or by emailing us at or calling us on 01 2871400.

Alternatively, if you are not a do-it-yourself investor but are interested in our asset management services, please contact a member of our advisory team using the same contact details.