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3 Steps To Investment Success – Content Details

By November 20, 2012October 7th, 2021featured articles

The enclosed PDF provides an overview of the book’s content, some selected extracts, the testimonials along with background on the author, Rory Gillen.

Book Introduction (2.43 MB)Book Introduction (2.43 MB)

  • How you can identify and control risk  which is essential if you are to obtain the higher returns on offer in the stock markets.
  • That the three principle risks in stocks are (i) business risk (ii) financial risk and (iii) valuation risk.
  • That volatility is not the same as risk and that you need to avoid letting volatility disrupt your long-term investment plans.
  • How you can beat the FTSE 100 Index with a simple value-based stock selection process that takes just a few hours a year to implement  an approach that has added 4-5% per annum to the index returns since 1995, and out-performed all but a small minority of professional fund managers.
  • How you can time your entry into, and exit from, markets using several time tested medium-term timing indicators.
  • That a commitment to save just €6,000 a year for ten years in the stock markets from age 25 to 34 would see you not have to add another cent after age 34 and still be worth over €1 million by age 65.