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Irish Commercial Property: It’s The Time To Buy

By July 18, 2013March 1st, 2022featured articles

GillenMarkets have strong grounds for believing that it’s time to buy Irish commercial property – let’s find out why that is and how you can invest in it!

GillenMarkets is dedicated to highlighting assets that offer good value across the global markets. It’s what we do!

We are now convinced that investors in Irish commercial property can now expect high annual single-digit returns at a minimum from here. In fact, the evidence suggests that the market has already turned upwards.

Warren Buffett, the iconic chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, once said that ‘values are the friend of the long-term investor’.

In our view, there is exceptional value now on offer in Irish commercial property and the three key drivers of positive long-term returns are finally aligned.

From 2003 to early 2007, investors in property, be that in Ireland or in other developed markets, made two errors; one common enough but the other fatal. They bought an overvalued asset (that happens) with debt (that is fatal). We were negative on property in Ireland in the early to mid 2000s on the simple premise that the asset offered no value. But we are bullish now!

Subscribers to our website – – have already received a comprehensive research report outlining the three key drivers of returns from commercial property. In addition, our research note provides full analysis of three unit-linked funds available from the Irish insurance companies and the recently listed Green REIT plc. Each of these funds provides direct exposure to this exciting theme. So, it is easy to invest in the theme if you agree with our analysis.

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