Intelligent Gold Investing – Including a Section on Bitcoin




Gold is money, and its durability, density, consistency and limited supplies have resulted in it being the only currency to have acted as a true store of value over the millennia.

This booklet was written by Rory Gillen, founder of GillenMarkets and author of 3 Steps to Investment Success (2012). It outlines the physical characteristics of gold that underpin its use as jewellery and, more recently, in complex and critical industrial applications. As gold yields no income, it cannot be valued in a conventional sense, so this booklet offers guidance on how to judge gold’s intrinsic value and how one can value gold relative to other hard assets such as US house prices.

The booklet also introduces you to three separate and highly useful technical indicators that provide a risk-controlled way of determining when gold is worth buying. All three indicators have outperformed a ‘Buy 7 Hold’ gold strategy since 1968 by wide margins.

Finally, there is a discussion on the merits or otherwise of bitcoin, which some argue is the new digital gold.