Private Equity – Access for All




The potential for above average returns has always made private equity an attractive subsector of financial markets with investors gaining access to specialised managers who build portfolios of private companies.

In Ireland, investors’ principal way of gaining exposure to private equity has been through international private equity funds distributed by local stockbrokers, which tend to have significant minimum investment amounts and long-term lock-in periods, making access difficult for retail investors.

However, there is an attractive alternative option; investing in high-quality, liquid private equity funds listed on the London Stock Exchange that have historically delivered attractive returns, allowing investors to avoid the high minimum investment levels, long-term lock-in periods and onerous upfront fees.

This booklet, written by Jonathan Yates, research analyst at GillenMarkets, is aimed at providing readers with an overview of private equity investing, including the main characteristics, historical returns, the specifics of the UK listed private equity sector and the key risks investors must be aware of when investing in private equity.