Timing the Markets




The surest way to obtain the superior returns that stock markets have delivered in the past is to be an owner of ‘assets’, either through a diversified selection of individual companies or through funds. However, not everyone has the patience or, indeed, the time to be a ‘Buy & Hold’ investor.

Technical analysis is the study of price movements or price action in markets in an attempt to determine their likely future direction. Quite simply, if the direction is likely upwards, an investor who is timing the markets will want to be invested and if the likely direction is downwards, the investor will want to exit.

Written by Rory Gillen, founder of GillenMarkets and author of 3 Steps to Investment Success (2012), this booklet aims to provide readers with an understanding of how to time the markets and highlights a couple of successful market timing indicators that we have followed over the years and that you can easily adopt for your own use.