Bricks & Mortar Through Stocks & Shares




This booklet was written by Darren Gillen, research analyst at GillenMarkets, and is aimed at the reader who is interested in learning about the various ways to invest in property.

Buying a property is a common way for retail investors to invest their savings, and this is particularly the case in Ireland. Bricks and mortar are tangible and easily understood, while the stock market appears to many to be mystifying and volatile.

As is often the case in investing, misconceptions abound. Direct property investing is riskier than many assume, and property investing through the stock market is less risky than popular perceptions would have you believe.

This booklet aims to give you a more nuanced understanding of property investing, the key drivers of returns and how to invest in property through the stock market. A sound plan for investing in property that mitigates the key risks is the ticket to attractive returns. We hope that this booklet serves as a reliable guide in that regard.